Best Whirlpool Garbage Disposal Reviews 2022

Garbage disposals make light work of food remnants. You want them to last a good number of years too though. In which case, choosing a model produced by a brand that’s been around a decade plus provides that much needed reassurance. As Whirlpool have been producing disposals for many years, their models will be familiar to handymen when needing to get a repair or having someone come in to clear a particularly difficult clog. Replacement parts is also something to consider for reliable models that should give you 5-10 years of useful life.

If buying from a brand that’s new or that may not still be in business when you need a replacement part, then it’ll likely be necessary to purchase a whole new unit from another company, plus get the old one removed, and the replacement plumbed in too. With Whirlpool, there’s no such concern, even with their smaller units! Here are three of their better garbage disposal units.

Top 3 Whirlpool Garbage Disposals

Whirlpool GC2000PE 1/2 hp in Sink Disposer with power cord

The Whirlpool GC2000PE is their half-horsepower garbage disposal unit. So, it provides enough power to grind through the toughest of food and other waste that you may send down it. The main unit is made from stainless steel which ensures that it’ll last many years without the casing degrading. Food items are sliced and grinded down to a minimal size compared to the size it started out as. Because its end up so finely cut, this avoids many of the drain clogging issues that can be a concern with other brands.

The disposal uses a continuous feed process complete with an ejection setup to stop potential internal jams before they even become a problem. They then feed through the drainage system as normal. Produced in the U.S. and weighing just 13 pounds, there’s a galvanized steel wheel for grinding and impellers made from stainless steel for added strength. The grind chamber is produced using ABS plastic. Crucially, a power cord is also included. This is useful for people who haven’t owned a garbage disposal before and so need a compatible power cord for one. There’s also some overload protection to prevent engine burnout and a reset process once the clog has been cleared. A 1-year warranty (limited) is provided.

Whirlpool GC2000XE 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Whirlpool GC2000XE is another half horsepower garbage disposal that will pack a punch when wanting to cut through food waste without difficulty. The thing you notice right away with this unit is how quiet it is – honestly, the water flow is noisier than the disposal which is a major surprise. The unit is a continuous flow one, so naturally it comes with a single piece stopper (made of plastic) and a flange which ensures the feeder can be covered up when needed.

In case of food jams when going in, there’s a useful overload protection system. This avoids the internal engine overloading and potentially burning out. Instead, this situation will be sensed and the machine with automatically cut off to prevent this. To restart the continuous flow again, it’s necessary to hit the manual reset before doing so. This starts things over again in a safe manner. There’s just the right amount of steel used in the design including the shredding ring and the grinding wheel which require this amount of metal strength to slice through even the most suborn food waste. The unit weighs just over 13 pounds. This GC2000XE mode should not be confused with the GC2000PE. The main different between the two is that this one does not include a power cord. Therefore, if you require the same features but haven’t benefitted from a garbage disposal before, then the earlier reviewed Whirlpool GC2000PE model is going to be the better one for you.

Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 hp in Sink Disposer

The Whirlpool GC1000XE is a less powerful continuous flow disposal. It offers 1,725 RPMs powered by one-third horsepower. For smaller households, they may well be very happy with a 1/3 horsepower unit. With over 1,500 RPMs, the stainless-steel innards are powerful and sharp enough to slice through food waste with brutal efficiency. Don’t let the less powerful engine fool you – it’ll still do its job. It’s just that the ½ horsepower model suits larger families with more waste or that just tend to always buy the more powerful model out of habit or bragging rights!

You also don’t miss out in the looks department, materials or features. The automatic shutoff feature to prevent overloads is present. As is the reset switch to get the unit running again continuously once it’s been cleared of any jams. There’s the standard 1-year warranty (limited) that comes with the other Whirlpool disposals in this review.

Wrapping up

With Whirlpool disposal units, you don’t have to worry about them disappearing and not being able to get them repaired years later. Also, while being very reliable in their own right, repairmen are familiar with these units when they do need fixing.

Be sure to choose the right size unit for your home needs. Most families are happy with a continuous feed model because they’re less hassle and are always available when you need them. If you cook a lot and subsequently have much food waste to get rid of, then using a 1/3 or ½ horsepower model is going to be just right. Also, be sure to get one with a power cord if that’s required or be prepared to purchase a compatible power cord separately.